Newstart has increased... by only 50 cents a day

Newstart for a single unemployed person without children has been increased by 50 cents a day. This adds $7 to the base fortnightly payment, bringing it to $545.80.

That’s just $38.98 a day.

We believe this rate of Newstart is still inadequate.

Payments are so low that people struggle to pay for essentials such as food and housing, not to mention putting away cash for an emergency. On top of this, looking for work takes time, money and effort.

So if you’ve never been on Newstart, consider this: a single person on Newstart is getting less than 40% of the minimum wage in Australia.

And, because of the way Newstart is calculated, the gap between what a job seeker receives and what the average Australian earns is growing bigger and bigger.

Research indicates that such low incomes are linked to higher rates of homelessness and rental stress. In Victoria alone, one study found 43% of rough sleepers were on unemployment benefits. 

Australia's pie is not being equally shared.

If you were on Newstart, how would you fare on as little as $38.98 a day? Don't you think life would be a little easier if we shared Australia's pie?

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