'Contrary to the stereotype, Newstart is more likely to be going to middle-aged parents. Raising it is a must'

‘…contrary to the stereotype of young people on the dole, it is those over the age of 45 who are overrepresented among Newstart recipients. While those over 45 make up 38% of the working age population, they account for 43% of those on Newstart or the Youth Allowance.’

‘Even worse is that 49% of the long-term recipients of Newstart are aged over 45.’

‘As such, suggestions that Newstart needs to be kept low to encourage people not to stay on welfare are laughable. Those on Newstart are more likely to be middle-aged parents than kids bumming around on the beach like in some screwed-up version of reality you might see in the tabloids.’

Read economy columnist, Greg Gericho’s full article in The Guardian Australia: Keep Newstart low so young beach bums don't stay on it? That's laughable

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